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Fitness for Heroes

Start Date: March 1st

End Date: March 21st

Through this 21-day journey, you are encouraged to push yourself to get as many hours of physical activity as you can. DON’T WORRY, no prior exercise experience or conditioning is necessary!

Here are the details:

  1. Physical activity can include, but is not limited to: Jogging, Walking, Hiking, Swimming, Working out at the gym, etc.
  2. Similar to a school fun run, you can help support the disabled servicemen and women of Branded One by getting sponsors to donate toward your fundraiser for every hour of activity you complete.
  3. To register, click the red “Register” button below and you will be asked certain questions that will place you in a division with other fundraisers in your same fitness level (Novice, Advanced, Expert). You will be sent an email once you register on how to log your hours. Every Sunday the leaderboard will be updated so you can see where you stand within your division - because who doesn’t love some friendly competition?
  4. The person with the most time logged in each division will be the winner with a prize that supports a small business here in Las Vegas. Other awards will be handed out to the top “Cheer Master." This individual will be crowned based on the motivation seen online by tagging us on social media platforms (IG, FB, Twitter) AND using #BrandedOneFFH.

Have fun and you only have 21 days, that’s not even a month, so stay focused!

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Monday March 1st
12:00 AM

Our Mission

The world we live in today is fast-paced and always changing with different challenges to meet. With these new challenges to face Branded One has created a new competition to support our mission as a non-profit that will always remain the same, to empower disabled servicemen and women. Our Las Vegas CrossFit gym operates off community donations & paid memberships. This has allowed us to provide FREE Gym Memberships to disabled servicemen and women in Las Vegas & Henderson.

One Nevada Veteran commits suicide every three days due to a variety of factors, including lack of support and PTSD. PTSD and other disabilities affect all service personnel, including military, firefighters, and police officers. However, those with PTSD and other disabilities recover better and have fuller lives when they are surrounded by a supportive community and engage in physical activity, which is why we exist. Branded One CrossFit creates the community servicemen and women are accustomed to. After leaving the service, they often feel alone or misunderstood and we alleviate these issues with the supportive and engaging community of Branded One. With Fitness for Heroes, we hope to raise awareness in our local community and help those Branded Heroes. This campaign will help us to continue our mission of providing FREE CrossFit memberships and support to disabled servicemen and women in our very own community.

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