First Annual Army vs. Navy TSF Fundraiser

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  Nov 29 2018 . Bozeman, MT, USA

The rivalry kicked off 128 years ago when Cadet Dennis Mahan Michie accepted a “challenge” from the Naval Academy and the two squads faced off on The Plain at West Point on November 29, 1890. Ever since, through those many years of intense cheers, unforgettable plays and climactic moments, the Army-Navy rivalry has been etched into the minds of countless fans and followers. All it takes is a visit to West Point or Annapolis, where everything proclaims “Beat Navy” or “Beat Army,” to understand how deeply ingrained this rivalry actually is.

 The Station enjoys this rivalry as well. We would like to bring the spirit of healthy competition to Montana and kick off the First Annual Army vs. Navy TSF Fundraiser! The fundraiser will end on game day, Dec. 8th, and the winner will be announced on The Stations social media pages Donations from this fundraiser will go directly towards  2019 programs allowing The Station Foundation to continue serving and supporting the SOF community.

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Posted by Kevin Stacy