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The Find A Way Swim-a-Thon was started to honor an incredible swim coach, Scott Elliot. This campaign began when Julie Dobson, captain of the Boston College swim team, wanted to honor her life-changing coach, Scott Elliot. Scott impacted every swimmer that was lucky enough to come under his influence. He made it not only a sport for his swimmers, but a passion. He instilled a drive to achieve their very best every day. His quintessential words were "find a way" - find a way to overcome any obstacle.

Scott would encourage his team to "find a way" to push through the pain at practice. He would encourage them to "find a way" to fight through the toughest races and cheer for their teammates even if they were exhausted. If they missed a practice, he would tell them to "find a way" to get into a pool and train. He was an intense coach, but he had the most loving heart. He had kindness that spread across his team. That's what made losing him so devastating. But, Scott's legacy will always live on.

When Scott was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer he "found a way" to fight for a grueling year. He continued to coach even when his body was withering away. He inspired his swimmers to never give up. He "found a way" to teach his own kids to swim with his beautiful wife. And through it all, he "found a way" to smile and uplift those around him.

The Find A Way Swim-a-Thon event seeks to bring a spirit of encouragement and support to those fighting cancer. We strive to emulate Scott's steadfast and positive spirit, and inspiring people to "find a way".

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Posted by Aimei Lund