FIFA Tournament for COVID-19 Relief

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During this time, it may feel overwhelming to try and help the fight against COVID-19. However, here is a solution that is both fun and impactful—We are running a FIFA tournament between the NESCAC schools, with 3 members of each men's soccer team representing each school. The money raised will be donated to Family Promise to help their COVID-19 relief efforts. Additionally, every dollar you donate will have a direct impact on your team's draft order, chance at a playoff spot, and chance for a bye. Finally, you can watch the games live on   

For more information on Family Promise and what it helps to combat:   

One in seven adults in the U.S. lives in official poverty; approximately 40% of all households are unable to cover an unexpected $400 expense. Those who already live in, or on the edge of poverty, will be hit the hardest and it is likely, if not definite, that we will see increases in homelessness, evictions, and food insecurity. With the closing of schools, many low-income families struggle even more. Nearly 30 million children depend on schools for meals, and between 2.5 and 3 million children are identified as homeless nationally. Additionally, conducting virtual classes compounds the challenges those students face and is not a realistic option for many low-income and unstably-housed children.   

With this new outbreak, many low-income families are facing unprecedented challenges through the loss of wages, childcare, food transportation, and more. Many are currently experiencing homelessness and others are at imminent risk. Family Promise has 200+ affiliates on the front lines, providing life-saving interventions that keep families together and healthy. Please join us in helping these families impacted by COVID-19 and donate to the tournament! Although we are not able to physically come together, now is the time to help most. Your donation can help Family Promise provide shelter, food, and emergency care for thousands of families nationwide.  

Posted by Hannah Isenhart