2021 FBC Youth Mission Trip: Reach-Out


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Painted Bottles Lantern Workshop

Join artist Liz Coats as she leads painting bottles for a lantern! Liz is an Art Teacher and owner of A New Creation Art Company! Bring your own lunch (and mask) to 445 Burnside Ave, Eagleville, PA, 19403.

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Sunday May 23rd

21 Reach-Out

Thank you for supporting our 2021 Youth Mission Trip to western Pennslyvania where we will be serving needy families by helping them improve their properties! In partnership with WWJD church, West Waynesburg Jesus Distributors, our efforts represent the first mission trip of any kind in the denomination since the pandemic began! Our team's RV-style camping adventure highlights the creativity inspired by the need to bust out and serve! Thank you for joining our trip!

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