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Our Mission:

YCore mobilizes young professionals to advance community-based social impact by teaching them to deploy their time, money, skills, and influence as partners and advocates.  

About Us:

We envision a world where local community members—regardless of age, background, and socioeconomic status—learn from one another, advocate for each other, and work hand in hand to advance equity and social justice.  Community-based organizations work hard to address inequities in our society, but though they are experts in their fields, they often lack access to diverse resources that allow them to effectively pursue their missions. We have the opportunity to leverage our energy, skills, and networks alongside those already working towards sustainable positive change. We seek to be neither consultants nor saviors, but partners and amplifiers of the voices most impacted by social, environmental, and economic challenges. 

Our Program:

In YCore's four-month, after-work program, fellows partner with community-based nonprofits to work on a strategic volunteer project. During this time, they attend bi-weekly workshops on design thinking, nonprofit fundraising, and the systems that contribute to inequity in their communities. Our programming is designed to help fellows build the knowledge, connections, and foundation they need to reach the next stage of their impact journeys. Our alumni stay involved as volunteers, associate board members, donors, and advocates, and many transition careers to mission-driven or nonprofit organizations with the help of the YCore community.

Our Projects: 

San Francisco Beacon Initiative: SFBI works at the site and system level to transform public schools into youth and family-centered places of learning. This project will help SFBI build out a fee-for-service model that leverages their existing core competencies in leadership and community development, to complement their existing grant-based model.

Good Samaritan: Good Samaritan Family Resource Center provides services geared toward immigrant and vulnerable families. We’ll be working on an internal training site for the staff members of the Child Development Center, which will include curriculum planning, educational resources, and technology resource guides for both staff and the parents of the Child Development Center’s students. Due to the number of students Good Sam serves, we’ll also work on a plan to continuously improve the training site and maximize its scalability.

CommunityGrows: CommunityGrows manages over ten parks and gardens in San Francisco to offer hands-on, community-based nutrition and cooking education programs for youth. This project will help CommunityGrows institute an internal data management system and create data reporting dashboards to help their team better track their 1,000+ youth participants, volunteers, donors and partner organizations.

Camp Common Ground: Camp Common Ground is a summer camp that brings racially and economically diverse middle schoolers together and equips them with the leadership, social-emotional, and cultural competencies that they’ll use to develop meaningful relationships with each other. This project will be helping CCG develop an impact report to guide their ongoing strategy. Possible extensions of the project include developing strategy recommendations directly, creating an ongoing monitoring and evaluation framework, and tailoring the results of the work for the CCG website.

La Cocina: La Cocina is working to solve problems of equity in food business ownership for women, immigrants and people of color. This Fall we’ll be working with La Cocina to conduct an in-depth assessment of their members (recurring donors) and develop a more targeted engagement program using Salesforce. This project will help La Cocina capitalize on the current increased awareness of their organization and set them up for future success in engaging & retaining members.

Each fellow commits to raising $1500 - $2000 to support the YCore program and partnerships. Your donation is critical to our continued work mobilizing the next generation of partners and advocates. Thank you!

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