Fair Trade On The Move 2020

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Our Mission
Get your moves on for freedom!

On the move to end human trafficking.

On the move to alleviate poverty.

On the move for gender equality.

On the move for our people and our planet.

On the move for Fair Trade.

Get your moves on this October for Fair Trade Month

Join the movement challenge to end human trafficking.

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Why support Fair Trade LA?

Fair Trade LA is an educational nonprofit on a mission to educate the community on the global issue of human trafficking and inspire consumers to embrace Fair Trade products so global farmers and artisans have the opportunity to earn a fair and sustainable living. 

We accomplish our mission by:

1. Educating our local community by hosting educational events, creating educational social campaigns, and speaking on various educational platforms.

2. Raising awareness through our partnerships with local businesses, congregations, universities, schools, and more to educate, serve, and sell Fair Trade products.

3. Increasing accessibility to Fair Trade businesses/products through our business membership program, Fair Trade vendor pop-up events, and the new FTLA product line.

With the support of our previous donors, this year 2020, we were able to finally accomplish our goal of making Los Angeles the largest Fair Trade City in America AND North America, as well as the fourth largest in the world!

We accomplished this goal by meeting the following five criteria:

1. Building a team

2. Identifying 100 Businesses that sell 2+ Fair Trade products in LA

3. Identifying 100 Organizations that serve 1+ Fair Trade products in LA

4. Educating through Fair Trade events + media 

5. Passing a Fair Trade Resolution at City Council. On August 25th, 2020, Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to become a Fair Trade City, to celebrate World Fair Trade Day every year on the second Saturday in May, and to take the necessary steps to include Fair Trade principles in City purchasing. Read Full LA City Press Release here.

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Looking forward, our goal is to make the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles a Fair Trade Olympics! We want to see the Olympics use Fair Trade products, to advocate for Fair Trade and to stand against trafficking in Los Angeles!

Our work has just begun. Help us continue this momentum to end human trafficking!

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How does Fair Trade On The Move help end human trafficking?

Human trafficking is a global industry that generates $150 Billion each year, where 50% are victims of forced labor and 12.5% are trapped in the sex trade. Human trafficking is not only a problem in developing countries, but it is happening in our own backyard. California is considered one of the largest epicenters in the United States and Los Angeles is a major hub. 

So what are we going to do about it? 

We need to be the voice for those who can not speak, to advocate for solutions to end trafficking, to raise awareness and bring their injustice to light. When ordinary people mobilize to end injustice, we can transform lives one at a time.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a solution to ending human trafficking, where people, mainly women, and children are forced to work with little to no pay.  We advocate for farmers and producers behind everything we buy to ensure they are paid a fair wage, work in safe conditions, practice environmental stewardship, and protect against child labor. Essentially, it’s the belief that everyone should be fairly compensated for the work they do. 

Did you know that October is National Fair Trade Month? Join us as we advocate for the Fair Trade movement in the global economy, and for the producers behind the products we buy every day. Fair Trade empowers consumers to vote with their dollars. 

Why does Fair Trade matter?

UNODC said, "Due to the pandemic, more children are being forced onto the streets to search for food and money, thus increasing their risk of exploitation." COVID-19 could create widespread human trafficking because traffickers prey on those who are most economically vulnerable.
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So, let’s get moving!

How You Can Join:
1. Join as an individual or as a team:
Do you want to get your moves on as an individual or with a team? You can reach out to family, school clubs, roommates, coworkers, etc, to form a team. Getting more people involved means raising more awareness! The more the merrier! 

2. Pick Your Move: Do you want to bike, swim, walk, run, hike, golf, or something else? Be creative, the options are endless! Pick your move and get your gear ready. 

3. Set Your Goal: The journey for victims to escape and to recover is an uphill climb. The path is difficult and different for everyone. We encourage you to pick a goal that is hard for you, whether it's 5 miles, 20 hours, or 100 reps. Set a goal that will be challenging but not impossible to complete. Pick something you will enjoy!

4. Set Up Your Page: In this Campaign, you can set up a fundraising page as an individual or as a team! Customize your page with photos, videos, and your story, sharing why you care about Fair Trade.

5. Get the Word Out: Every advocate is encouraged to raise as much as they can. Raising $100 should be a snap! (To raise $100, you simply need 10 people to give $10, 4 people to give $25, 2 to for $50, or any combination in between.) We will supply you with social media graphics to help raise awareness for human trafficking during your challenge. Reach out to the people you know to support your Move. 

6. Get Moving: Go get your moves on and complete your challenge from the week of Oct 15th to 22nd or by the end of October! We want to cheer you on throughout your journey, so tag us in your photos @FairTradeLA or #FairTradeOnTheMove. We are so excited to see what you do, Fair Trade Advocates!

**Every person who joins our movement challenge will receive a Welcome Package, which includes a Fair Trade T-shirt for you to do your moves in + pins to wear this Fair Trade Month + stickers + resources to equip you to start raising awareness for Fair Trade!


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