Fair Trade LA Fundraiser | 2019

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  May 14 2019

Welcome to the Fair Trade LA Fundraiser 2019!

In honor of World Fair Trade Day on May 11th, our goal is to raise $20,000 in three days! You can be a part of the momentum of this rapidly growing Fair Trade movement to transform the lives of farmers and artisans around the world by donating today!

Fair Trade LA is a nonprofit that educates and inspires consumers to embrace Fair Trade products so global farmers and artisans have the opportunity to earn a fair and sustainable living. 

Los Angeles has the power to impact the world through trade, specifically Fair Trade. 

We can create a ripple effect across the oceans by advocating for Fair Trade products to come into our port. We can change lives by fighting against products produced with child labor and in sweatshop conditions, which is a reality for 20.1 million people trapped in forced labor today.

Today, Fair Trade LA is a leader in the Fair Trade Movement in through our efforts in making our city, Los Angeles, the largest Fair Trade Town in America!