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At Ecology Project International, we are working to turn the tide for sea turtles through our work at Costa Rica's Pacuare Reserve. At one time, more than 98% of sea turtle nests were lost, but thanks to 20 years of tireless monitoring, public education, and local collaborations, we’ve seen monumental improvements, and that figure has fallen to less than 2%.

The Reserve depends on volunteer time and funds from visitors but this financial support has come to an abrupt halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We need your help.

Even as borders and beaches close, nature carries on, and leatherback sea turtles continue to nest at Pacuare Reserve. Without the revenue from student groups and ecotourism, we're forced to reduce our nightly censuses, and we’ve already witnessed an increase in human-driven nest harvesting.  As few as one of each 10,000 eggs laid will survive to adulthood, making every egg vitally important to the population. A generation of sea turtles is slipping away, one nest at a time.

To lend support to the staff and volunteers who have chosen to shelter in place at Pacuare Reserve, EPI is launching the Every Egg emergency fundraiser.

You can make a difference.

For as little as $1 per egg, you can protect an entire generation of endangered sea turtles. Your gift of any amount meaningful to you will help ensure healthy oceans and thriving coastal communities for generations to come.

Your donation provides research equipment, meals, lodging and logistical support for the people who continue to work from the remote research facility of Pacuare Reserve. This small group of volunteers, local staff and guards continue to carry out the important task of monitoring the beaches, relocating vulnerable nests, and continuing the research that is at the heart of EPI’s success at Pacuare Reserve this season.