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Art for Appreciation. Money for Masks and Meals.
  Apr 20 2020 . United States

We now can see without question  that a select group of society is ESSENTIAL to our most basic daily operations. They range from nurses and rescue workers to cashiers, postal workers and farm laborers.  Collectively, we owe them a debt of gratitude.

Simultaneously, marginalized sections of society are feeling the effects of a stalled economy in ways many of us struggle to imagine. Collectively, we can offer them support.


Help fund an artist  making work in celebration of our essential workers. Funds raised will be sent directly to support needs for PPE (via Project CURE) and communities in most dire need of direct financial relief (via WhyHunger).  

The artwork itself will be sent to or shared with essential locations as a heartfelt display of appreciation for all they do.


Consider joining the cause by creating your own artwork in celebration of essential workers. You can join directly here, or also feel free to email us if you have questions at

Posted by Brian Hildenbrand

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