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  Dec 12 2019 . Ndola, Zambia

We at Enright Foundational Ministries would like to reach out and ask for assistance with bringing the good news to the people of Zambia.  $30.00 a month would feed one child for a month at our school. We have over 30 students and are looking to expand the school to give students the chance to learn and get out of their current situations. $10,800.00 just for feeding the kids. $15,000 for expanding the school, supplies and care items for the children like blankets, cleaning supplies, basic medical supplies when the kids are sick.

Also we are in the process of building a clinic for the local population in the area so that they can receive medical attention instead of it taking over 3 hours to go to the nearest clinic. We will take $15,000.00 to get the necessary medical supplies and initial training and pay for the staff at the clinic. $9,200.00 of which will go towards an ambulance to transport critical patients. 

The local population lives on less than $3,000.00 a year if they have a job. Any little bit would greatly impact this community.  All funding will go straight to the work of God. The Enright Family has been doing mission work in Zambia since 1999 and they have taken nothing and turned it into a thriving community with the grace of God and supporters like you. 

Posted by Jack Humphrey