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We believe that human potential is unlimited.

And therefore, we seek to empower H.S. students early on with skill building opportunities to explore interests and careers.

Looking for a summer internship for your teen? Register for our spring placement cycle.

Listen to our founder's story to see and hear what drives us.

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We're driven to help students find growth opportunities that are meaningful to them, so instead of stamping files, they are given the tools and resources to affect change. 

All donations and placement fees will be used towards the creation of a pre-screening quiz tool which will reduce the amount of time per match, and allow us to impact more kids.

What our students are doing:


Interested in gaining hands-on research experience and STEM

“The entire internship has been very rewarding and has helped me to build up some of my skills as a researcher. The person overseeing me has been very supportive and has helped me to direct my research so that, by the end of the internship, I will have collected and organized my notes in a comprehensive manner that could be utilized my others.”

Placement: Medical Education & Healthcare Research Internship


Interested in both education and medicine

“I finally got to meet the patient I’d be working with and it was such a unique experience. There was just an aura of excitement and genuine happiness and you could sense that you were making someone happy by being there.”

Placement: Bringing Art to Life Chicago Internship, supporting patients with memory loss through art therapy 


Loves fitness and enjoys basketball

“One of the kids … has down syndrome so I personally played with him 1 on 1 and he was smiling and had a great time.”

Placement: Assistant Basketball Skills Coach


Has an interest in and a talent for writing

"I learned what grants are and researched ones that apply to Holiday Heroes."

Placement: Research & Donor Engagement Internship with The Holiday Heroes

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