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Barahona 81000, Dominican Republic

Health authorities in the Dominican Republic reported on Sunday March 15th that they had their first confirmed case of coronavirus, a tourist visiting from Italy. As coronavirus spreads rapidly around the globe, the Dominican Republic has officially reported 72 confirmed cases in the last 48 hours, along with 300 pending cases.

The Batey Rehab Project has  decided to shut down the majority of our daily operations until further notice. The health and safety of our employees and their families and our women and children is our highest priority. BRP founders have returned to the United States in order to maintain their own safety and to manage the organization as best possible through this extremely difficult time. As you know, this virus has impacted every aspect of our daily lives here in the United States, and unfortunately this virus has now touched a country that is not equipped in any form to deal with a pandemic health crisis such as this. This emergency relief fund has been established in order to collect funds to maintain payroll, buy dry foods, and take care of medical expenses over the next 3 months for the 47 people who are supported daily by our organization. This number includes our employees, their own families, our women and girls and the families of our women. We need to continue payroll so that our employees have the ability to stay home and protect their families. We need to have the financial means to buy food in bulk so that we can provide dry foods to our team and our women and children. We need to have the financial means to provide for our team and our women and children for any and all medical expenses needed. BRP has always operated as a family, and together as a family we will stand strong, but we need your help!

The campaign goal is set to $12,000 and here is how we plan to use those funds over the next 3 months.

$6,000 will be used to pay payroll for the next 3 months. BRP supports 47 people on a daily basis just through payroll alone, so you can imagine our need to continue to support our employees and their families.

$3,600 ($1,200 a month) will be used to buy dry and canned foods on a weekly basis to provide the basic nutritional needs. Fresh food such as fruits, vegetables may not be available after next week as the country continues to shut down. 

$2,400 will be reserved for medical emergencies, doctor visits and the local purchase of medicines for our employees and the women and children. We currently have an average stock of medical supplies, but as we are unable to ship in boxes of supplies through our mission flight partner, the expense to replace these items will be much higher as we will be purchasing from local pharmacies when and if available. 

Our first priority is to our team, our women and girls and their families. As we secure financial needs through this campaign, BRP will commit funds through online jewelry sales to the local aid and assistance for women and girls who will need shelter and care over the next few months. The public ministry is currently closed, but will be accepting urgent cases that come through 911. Although these services will be available, we expect to see an increase in cases and needs, along with the need to protect victims as the legal process for arrest warrants and protection orders will be slowed down due to the closure of the local government for the safety of their employees.

We appreciate your support in this time as every single human across the world is affected. We believe only together as one community can we help each other to make it through this pandemic. As we learn to spend more time together, love each other more and appreciate our families, we will also see the kindess of strangers supporting each other. 

Thank you for your donation!

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