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Our path to education equity
Why Education Can't Wait in Rural Northern Uganda

Sarah's Story

Sarah wakes up to the sound of roosters crowing and gets ready for another day of digging in her family's farm. Her hands are rough and her body is sore from digging in the hard dirt, but she's proud to be able to help her family.

Before Covid-19, when schools were open, she would wake up excited to go study and see her friends at Deki's Primary School. Her parents were happy to have their daughter in a high performing school, and they were starting to dream big dreams about her future.

Now, with the future uncertain, her parents have begun discussing her marriage. At age 12,  Sarah's marriage dowry can bring  safety and security to her family. Some of Sarah's friends have already been married, but she's not sure if she's ready. 

She's still dreaming of the future she can choose if she gets a good education and the happiness it would bring to her and her family.


Sarah's not alone. Prolonged school closures are reversing years of progress made towards access to education in Uganda. The majority of students in rural villages can't access remote learning options. Only 3% of households in Uganda have an individually owned computer, and 6.6% of rural households have access to internet.

The longer students are disengaged from education, the lower the likelihood they will return to school in the future. More and more students are now working to help support their families, and girls are being married at an early age.


Deki's Students Won't Be Left Behind   

We're taking action to keep our students engaged in education. 

Since we started, we've put over 400 out-of-school children in school, but now that schools are closed this progress is at risk. 

To keep our students learning, we have been giving them materials to study at home and are having our teachers visit them at home to provide in-person feedback. 

We are getting things in place to open our schools as soon as the ministry will allow, using safety precautions that will keep our students and staff safe. 

With these actions, we hope that all our students will continue to get quality education. 


Join Our Community for Education Equity

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Help us keep kids learning now, whether or not schools are open.  We need $50,000 to provide education to over 800 students for the next year.


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'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.' —  Margaret Mead 

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