Educating Changemakers 2019 Green School Bali



According to the Education Development Index by UNESCO, Indonesia is still behind in developing its education. Not only that, but Indonesia still faces some of the largest environmental problems, such as uncontrollable forest fires, sinking cities, water contamination and depletion, not to mention air pollution.

Bali, the island of the Gods, is one of 17,000 beautiful islands in the vast archipelago that is Indonesia and is a place where culture is preserved and respected by its own people. From rainforests, volcanic mountains, to rice fields and beaches, Bali is known as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Sadly, Bali is among those islands greatly affected by environmental challenges.

Since 2008, Green School has given scholarships to the children of Bali to have an international standard of education. Through a sustainability-focused education, these students are nurtured into a generation of young changemakers, NOW. Where they believe, every day is for the future.

Through your support, we provide opportunities for Balinese children to be aware of these problems and become changemakers. Where every day they create real solutions for the future of the world and their home, Bali.

They create, activate, and seek change every day because change needs to happen. They are the people of tomorrow, and we owe it to them before it’s too late. They will inevitably inherit what we leave them. So when they ask you what you left, what will you say? What will you do?

Donate now to give Balinese children the opportunity to be the changemakers they want to be in the world.



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