Kids Help Kids is a community of young people inspired to make a positive change in the lives of children with EB by using their creativity, compassion, and critical thinking to lead fundraising activities that engage their schools and communities. 

Grab your imagination and your friends to come up with your best ideas! Do you love cooking? Host a bake sale! Do you love sports? Organize a soccer tournament! Want to give back for your birthday? Instead of presents collect donations. The possibilities are endless! 

Not only will you have fun, you will develop the skills you need to be a leader of tomorrow while funding life-saving research for kids with EB.

 "Have you ever skinned your knee or fallen and started bleeding? You probably have, but I'm guessing that if you touch something rough or are just messing around with a friend and bump into them you won't get hurt. Well that's not always the case. Some kids have EB, or epidermolysis bullosa, and these kids have very sensitive skin. If they touch something too rough, they can rip their skin. If they need a band-aid, they can't just slap on a normal one like the rest of us and be done with it. They need a special bandage because if they try to take off a normal bandage, it will rip their skin and make them bleed. They also have a shorter lifespan. Imagine living like that! Be thankful that you don't have to live everyday being extra careful, hoping that you won't get hurt. EBRP helps these kids. They are known as butterfly kids because their skin is as fragile as a butterfly's wings. Help raise funds for a cure. You may not think you can make a difference but you can!" 

- Rosie, 12 

Posted by EB Research Partnership