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Why I Run
  Oct 05 2020 . Edmonton, AB, Canada

Hello! My name is Mona-Lee Feehan. I am currently the Chair of Edmonton Catholic Schools Foundation. I would like to tell you about an exciting event in my life of which I believe YOU can be a part!

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Being a regular runner, each surgery and treatment put me back to the start with my fitness. After one particular surgery, I needed motivation to restart my running regime - again! I made a deal with my husband, Kevin, that if I recorded every mile I ran and eventually reached Fairmont Hot Springs, a favourite holiday spot, we would go on a holiday. I reached my goal and found that the motivation was exactly what I needed. Thus, I decided that I would run across Canada marking every mile on a chart. That was six years ago. Today, I am approximately 100 miles from my goal city of St John’s NFLD!

I wanted to celebrate this milestone and came up with an idea to make these last miles benefit others. And here is where YOU come in! I am asking for sponsorship for each of the last 100 miles. If I were to find 100 people willing to sponsor 1 mile each for $100, we could raise $10,000 for the Foundation! Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students in ECSD. Stay tuned to the website for the kick-off and information as to how you can be a sponsor. Help me to finish my run and support our students through the Foundation the same time!

Posted by Edmonton Catholic Schools Foundation