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  Jul 20 2020 . Colorado, USA

As beautiful as the sun rises and sets in Colorado, the downtown Denver area has recently darkened like so many other major cities across the United States.  We want to bring health and wellness back to this majestic city by raising awareness of the current decay and educate those in other cities that might identify the early warning signs that the city of Denver missed.  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Please help us raise money for the production and distribution of the documentary film, Denver in Decay. CFCF is a Colorado-based, non-profit organization that believes in the potential global impact that the power of storytelling can take place through  In addition, 25% of these proceeds will go to support Step Denver, (  Step Denver is a Colorado-based non-profit whose mission is to help serve men throughout Colorado and beyond find freedom from addiction and get them self-sufficient and back to a productive lifestyle in their community.

Any donation will help make an impact and support the healing of Denver and other cities! 

Please share this information and link it on your social media to help spread the word.

Posted by Center for Comprehensive Film Inc