Demilo Foundation Inc "Entertainers for Entertainers"

  Sep 05 2020

The global pandemic has affected all walks of life.  In the past, there are a group of people that we turn into to entertain us in celebrating special events in our lives.  They were a part of your most unforgettable and fun moments. The painful reality is that, during this current crisis, these are the group of individuals that was first to shut down and will be the last to open up again to earn their livelihood. 

A part of Demilo Foundation Inc's mission is to reach out and extend help to those in the industry that needs assistance in creating ways to survive during this time until we all can get back to normal. The community of entertainers within the organization has donated their time and talent to create a show to continue to entertain and help in the mission. 

Your support and donation will be used to fund assistance in livelihood of those who are in the industry willing and able to be creative and work on  an alternative source of living or maybe as simple as getting essentials for 2 weeks for a family that was supported by a full-time gig performer but lost his or her  income due to the pandemic or assist in starting up a small business to earn a living. #SmallBusinessRelief


Your contribution will enable us to support our employees and continue operations. We are very grateful for your generosity.

Posted by Demilo Foundation Inc