Deloitte BA/C and IRC Fundraiser

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New York, NY, USA

This year, Deloitte will be partnering with  the International Rescue Committee (IRC) which responds to humanitarian crises across the globe and aims to help restore health, safety, education, economic wellbeing, and power to people devastated by conflicts and disasters. 

Given the IRC’s global presence, our goal is to empower Deloitte’s BA/C community to contribute to the IRC’s local work in New York and New Jersey. Through fundraising and volunteer opportunities, Deloitte will support life-changing services in economic empowerment, education, and resettlement for refugees, asylees, and immigrants in New York and New Jersey.

In order to ensure transparency and encourage engagement, we’ve created this CrowdRise campaign that allows you all to keep tabs on our progress and get involved in our vision!

Examples of "Rescue Gifts" that your contributions will be used for include:

  • U.S. Citizenship: $1,000 can help four refugees apply for citizenship
  • Job Training Access for Women: $500 could provide weekly transportation to job training for fifteen newly arrived immigrant and refugee women
  • Infant Care Kit: $250 can provide infant care necessities for a newly arrived mother and newborn child
  • Education for Refugee Kids: $100 can provide school enrollment and preparedness services for the children of a newly arrived refugee family
  • Welcome Meal: $50 can provide a hot meal for a refugee family on the day of      their arrival

Posted by Michaela Asamoah