Day of the Seafarer Movement Challenge

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Day of the Seafarer Movement Challenge

Register for the challenge here Move 1.6 for seafarers between now and June 24th. Share pictures of your challenge on social media with the hashtags #seafarershouse or #seafarersarekeyworkers.  

We’ll share and promote your posts on June 25th for Day of the Seafarer! 

* Walk/run 1.6 miles 

* Do 1.6 hours of yoga 

* Swim 1600 meters 

* Paddleboard 1.6 miles 

* Fish for 1.6 hours 

* Sail, kiteboarding or wind surf for 1.6 hours 

* Play 1.6 hours of tennis or basketball 

* Practice your drive by hitting 16 golf balls! 

* Do 16 push ups or burpees 

* Lift 16 lbs or do 16 reps of a weight that works for you 

* Or do something that works for you! 

Your support impacts mariners!

$32- provides snacks to one vessel crew 

$64- provides vitamins, supplements, toiletries, a SIM card, and personal care items for a marooned seafarer 

$128- supplies personal protective gear such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to our pastoral care team for one week while they care for marooned seafarers 

$160- provides a home cooked meal for marooned seafarers throughout South Florida

Join the Movement Challenge to Celebrate Seafarers!

Register today!

Remember to share your pictures online with the hashtags #seafarershouse and #seafarersarekeyworkers so we can include your pictures in our Day of the Seafarer online celebration on 25 June!

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Monday June 8th


Join Seafarers’ House in honoring seafarers for the 2020 Day of the Seafarer!

This year we are celebrating seafarers as Key Transport Workers, who keep global trade, goods and materials moving! To honor their work we are challenging our community to a “1.6 for Seafarers” movement challenge in honor of the 1.6 million seafarers around the world!

How to participate:

There are so many ways you can move and participate! You can choose to move in so many different ways:

Challenge your team, your family or yourself to get moving in support of the 1.6 seafarers who remain at sea as key transport workers during the pandemic.

Registration is $16 and all proceeds support Seafarers’ House. To read more about our efforts to care for the seafarers marooned by COVID-19 restrictions in Broward County, click here.

About Seafarers' House

For more than 30 years, Seafarers’ House has been a trusted resource for mariners. We are a 501 c 3 organization located inside Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and our mission is to offer refuge, resources, renewal and respect to the maritime community through multi-faith service. Seafarers' House is a safe, friendly place where mariners can connect with their families, relax, or get emergency assistance if needed. We play the role as a goodwill ambassador for Port Everglades and Broward County to the international maritime community, and serve as a place of welcome, providing the spiritual and practical services that mariners and the port community need and want. With nearly 150,000 crew visits to our center annually, we have touched the lives of countless mariners.

Register now to join our 1.6 challenge

Remember to share your pictures online with the hashtags #seafarershouse and #seafarersarekeyworkers so we can include your pictures in our Day of the Seafarer online celebration on 25 June!