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  Aug 10 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, our world has come together to support our struggling communities. At Dare to Help, our mission is to offer relief to those hit hardest by the Coronavirus(Covid-19) by fundraising to provide essential help and supplies to children and families in need. We have partnered with local governments, school districts and churches to have the correct data and support,  in order to make the greatest impact in the communities.

Currently, Dare to Help is focusing on gathering necessary supplies for elementary school students as they start back with online and remote learning. The demand for proper curriculum-based supplies and technology needs for grades K-8 is high and the supply is limited. To prevent gaps in a crucial time of education and learning, we want to assist in setting students up for success in school and give every child an opportunity to strive for greatness. With the intention of creating sustainable, long-term changes, we need to take time to teach, mentor and shape today’s youth for future prosperity.

Dare to Help offers our service and support with a smile, because we are all in this together.

All charitable donations to Dare to Help are tax deductible.

Posted by Joshua Simon