Cycle to Educate 2019

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Cycle to Educate

Hosted by Kenya Keys

On Nov. 2 at 2:00 PM come join us on a 60 min indoor cycle ride to raise money to help support the education of  underprivileged kids in Kenya.   

$25 per rider

Club membership NOT required, but access to the gym is limited to the cycle room and only during the time of the fundraiser.  Waiver must be signed to participate (attached to registration page)

Visit to learn more about our non-profit work and how you can make a difference.

Read the story below to learn more about what 100% of this year's event proceeds will go toward.

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Saturday November 2nd
2:00 PM
Sunset Athletic Club, Northwest Cornell Road, Portland, OR, USA
13939 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR 97229, USA



Students at Egu Primary School (K-8th grade) take the same national exam as students all over Kenya. This means that students from well-run private schools and students from the bush are held accountable for the same knowledge, graded by the same standards, and given opportunities based on the scores of the same test.  
In our village, students are up against many challenges, including taking the test in English (their third language!). Educational resources are few, modern technology and internet is non-existent, and most do not even have a light at home by which they can study after the sun goes down (around 6 PM each night). After school, most students return home and must help with household chores, leaving very little time for studies.   
The dedicated students at Egu Primary are resourceful, creative, and determined to do well despite their odds. Many of the 8th graders stay at school all week, pushing together the desks to sleep on at night so they can use the light at school to continue their studies. Parents pool together money to pay for a staff member to be at school with them. The area is extremely remote and nearby elephants can be dangerous and even fatal.  
In efforts to honor these students' dedication and help them succeed in their educational goals, Kenya Keys built a new dormitory, where students can safely and more comfortably stay during the week and focus on their studies.
Cycle to Educate will support funding new deckers (bunkbeds) for this dorm. Currently the 70 students who stay at Egu sleep on the floor.
Join us for our event and together we can make a difference in some of the most basic areas of need. Pamoja Tunaweza - “Together, we can do it!”

Posted by Maureen Halversen