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Hi and welcome!  Many of you have helped Children of Uganda in 2018 and I am counting on you and your network, to make an ever GREATER impact not only for Uganda but to boost the humanitarian efforts in your local area by supporting this organization’s mission.  

I am most passionate about this organization because Children of Uganda is enhancing an economy, driving education, improving the quality of life and emphasizing family empowerment to help build a better quality of life for people just like you and I.  As a cosponsor within Children of Uganda it brings joy to my heart to see how a small donation each month can change a child’s life.  This impact does not apply only for today, but lasts in the years to come as this slight monetary gift has the power to instill a lasting impression on who she will become as an adult. 

You have the ability to change a life today by donating whatever value on your heart.  Uganda has 2.7 million children who have been defined as “vulnerable” by the Ugandan government due to poverty, war, and disease.   Over half of the population is under the age of 15 years old.  We together can help make a difference by sponsoring, cosponsoring, making a one-time donation, or by becoming an annual donor in just a click of a button.  

Please join Children of Uganda in the efforts to help make this world a better place and thank you for taking the time to acknowledging this link which will provide many young people an opportunity. 


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