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  Apr 08 2020

Greetings Crossing family and friends ~

GoFundMe Mission:

Today, we are reaching out to all of you to help us keep our students safe and virtually embraced by our caring community. We are all facing an uncertain time with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  Our mission to provide our Crossing students with the tools they need - academics, job training and faith-based character education - remains as critically important today as it was before this global emergency.  While we are facing many challenges in our own homes and lives, there are many (Crossing students especially) who need our help now more than ever.


With Governor Holcomb's April 2nd COVID-19 preventative directive to keep schools closed through the end of this school year, our students have entered into very uncertain and unchartered waters.  Their personal situations render them among the most vulnerable young adults, and the Crossing has promised to keep them on track and as stable as we can.

Our students, who came to us struggling and in need of help, now face learning at home instead of a nurturing and safe classroom environment.  Many of our students come from situations where the family is struggling financially and unable to provide for basic needs, much less internet access or the devices required for e-learning. With up to 80% at or below the poverty level, many of our families also face serious difficulties including housing and food insecurities, substance abuse, and mental health issues – these will likely only worsen during this crisis.

We, at the Crossing, are committed to stepping up to fill in these gaps and provide added necessary support to our students and their families.  We are making sure that our students have the technological and emotional support that they need to finish their school year strong. Our outreach includes:

1.  providing equipment and connecting with internet access resources

2.  keeping the critical, close teacher student bonds intact in innovative ways including video chat, Facebook and other social media, phone calls, and text messaging

3.  maintaining a positive and supportive outreach in order to monitor individual student needs and progress

4.  assessing student and family situations to make sure that everyone is doing well and has what they need – now and for as long as the COVID-19 crisis lasts

Crossing GoFundMe Campaign:

We need your help today!

Your gift today will help us fund the purchase of Chromebooks, online curriculum software, creative internet access solutions and whatever it may take to keep our Crossing students engaged and closer to graduation and their high school diplomas. Where needed to keep families safe and healthy, we want to be able to address other needs our students may have as well.

More importantly, we want to show our students that we, as a community, care for their future. Sometimes that makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you for your support and generosity!

The Crossing National Inc. is a qualified 501(c)3.  Your donation is considered a tax deductible contribution.