Creating A Home With Carlena

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Creating A Home With Carlena

Hey friends!

I've had the pleasure of creating numerous homes with 'A Sense Of Home' in the past, giving former foster youth that have aged out of the foster care system without having been adopted, a place to call their own.

This year, for my 29th birthday, I am hosting a birthday home creation, and I need YOUR help! It costs $6,000+ to create a home for a foster youth recipient to provide a bed, furniture, linens, artwork, kitchenware, bathroom supplies, and (most often the case) children's beds and/or cribs, toys, and newborn supplies.

These essentials help us curate a unique space to the individual where they can comfortably start the next steps in their journey, feeling safe and supported in their own home.

Please donate generously and join me on Saturday October 5th at 11AM to create a home from the ground up and change a life!


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Saturday October 5th
11:00am PST