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Why Institute on the Constitution (IOTC)?

IOTC ( is on a mission to restore the Constitutional Republic through grassroots education. They were co-founded in 2004 by Attorney Michael Peroutka, and have since provided courses on:

- The U.S. Constitution 

-The Truth of America’s Founding

-The Sheriff and the Citizen

-The Duty of the Jury

-The Maryland State Constitution

Now they are on a mission to complete courses on all other 49 state constitutions.

All IOTC courses are created using only primary source documents, the principle approach method of education, and are all taught from our founders “American View” of law and government as stated in the Declaration of Independence (summarized):

1. There is a God 

2. Our rights come from Him 

3. The purpose of Government is to secure our God-given rights

Unlike other institutions that offer government courses, IOTC courses offer community support, perks, and rewards as you study. Not only that, they don’t leave you with knowledge without knowing what to do with it. IOTC course materials help equip students put knowledge into action with the gifts God has given them. They have helped students make an impact in their communities in countless ways: from using courses to teach their children, to hosting classes in a local community center, to running for public office.

IOTC is endorsed by historian David Barton, Representative Ron Paul, Scientist Ken Ham, Larry Pratt from Gunowners of America, Sheriff Richard Mack (CSPOA), Masterbooks, among others.

What is the cost?

The total cost of this project is $10,000 per state, totalling $490,000.  This is a modest amount considering the time and the team needed (speakers, video editors, professors, state history scholars, word processors, attorneys, etc.) to create all the pieces listed above.  

Click on your state team to donate now and share this project with fellow Americans!

Each course will include:

-12 video lessons available digitally and via DVD.

-Student Manual available digitally and spiral-bound hardcopy. 

-Host/Teachers manual available digitally and hardcopy. 

-One-on-one support from certified instructors online

Bonus: If desired, your name will appear in the back of the student manual as a contributor for future generations to see! *Businesses who donate $500-$999 will have the option of being featured in a 1/4 page recognition in the student manual, businesses who donate $1,000 or more have the option of being featured in a 1/2 page recognition in the student manual.

Please help us fight tyranny and restore freedom in America through a donation today!

Thank you!

P.S. Institute on the Constitution is a 501©(3) organization, therefore all donations are tax-deductible!

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