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Join the Campaign for Recovery
Sí Se Puede! Instituto's COVID 19 Recovery Fund
  Jun 09 2020 . 2520 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608, USA

In a few short months, dramatic change has disrupted our lives, our neighborhoods,  and society.  Low-income communities of color face the greatest challenges.

With your help, we can turn this crisis into our finest hour.  Sí, Se Puede. 

It's no secret. Latinos struggle with the state’s highest rate of Coronavirus infection. 58% of Instituto families have lost income, and 39% have no work at all. Whether it’s chronic stress, food insecurity, or making rent, the pain is real. 

For 43 years, Instituto del Progreso Latino has answered every crisis with the spirit of  "Sí, Se Puede!”  It's time to roll up our sleeves. 

As Instituto board leaders, we urge you to join our campaign for recovery. You can make a difference with a tax-deductible gift, by volunteering at our next food pantry, or helping Instituto make new connections as member of our campaign team.

With your help, a better world is within our reach. Your support may put food on the table, help a parent launch her career, or connect a student to e-learning.  

To get involved, click Donate, Join, Share, Volunteer... or all of the above. Sí, Se Puede!

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