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  Apr 12 2020 . Rural Hall, NC, USA

Living Apart "We Must Walk Together" Let's Make this a GoVIRALFundMe page! Do you know someone who passed from "The Virus", do you know a survivor, are you a survivor, do you simply want to walk with your family and friends (adhering to social distancing rules of course)? I am asking that you donate $10.00 to this GoFundMe Challenge and JOIN ME as we walk to save lives.

Hello, I am Dave and I am walking to raise money to get the Wake Forest Baptist Health Mobile Health Clinic into the underserved communities in and around the Winston Salem NC communities. I started walking 19,000 steps a day on Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020, and pledge to continue to walk 19,000 steps a day until 30 April 2020 exactly 19 days after I started in order to raise $250k for the Mobile Medical Clinic specifically to serve underserved communities.  I ask that you walk with me and what you are able; 900, 1,900, 9000, or 19,000 steps<no joke.

Chad and Rachel Zimmer are dear friends and Rachel runs the mobile clinic at Wake Forest. In her words, “The goal of the mobile clinic is to provide convenient and high-quality health care to underserved patients who may not be able to afford care or have the means to get to a doctor’s office,” said Rachel Zimmer, DNP, clinic director of Wake Forest Baptist’s Community Health Alliance. “We want to be able to prevent or treat health issues for those in our community before they potentially turn into costly health crises for them and get them connected to the most appropriate care for their needs.” I think this is more important now than ever before!  PLEASE SHARE THIS ON ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. Thx Dave

Posted by David Martin

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