Connecticut Centers' A Kid Like Me Campaign

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Connecticut Centers' A Kid Like Me Campaign

Our A Kid Like Me Campaign kicks off with a student spotlight. Today, meet Rachel!

Rachel’s mother shared with us the tremendous impact one-on-one tutoring with Children’s Dyslexia Centers has had on her daughter:

“Rachel has been a student at the Dyslexia Center for two years. The instruction she has received has had a huge impact on her academic performance. Her reading improved significantly, after only a few months of tutoring. As a parent, the most profound change I have seen in Rachel is her confidence. She no longer feels like she’s not as smart as her friends. She knows her strengths and weaknesses and has the confidence to tell her teachers exactly what she needs to be successful. The program at The Dyslexia Center and the wonderful tutors we have worked with have truly had a life changing impact on Rachel. We are incredibly grateful for their dedication.”

Will you help kids like Rachel discover their unique voice? Donate and share our Campaign page today!

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The Children’s Dyslexia Centers of Connecticut are excited to announce a new online campaign for National Dyslexia Awareness Month – A Kid Like Me!

For the past 18 years, our Centers have been on a mission to educate and inspire the nearly 1 in 5 children in our community who struggle with dyslexia, a learning difference that makes it harder to read, write, and spell. For many of these children, the Center is their first exposure to the joys of reading – opening them up to a world of possibilities that once seemed unattainable.

Many kids struggle in school, but children with dyslexia often face barriers restricting their ability to learn at the same pace as other students. They may become discouraged when faced with an education environment that was not built for them. However, when provided the appropriate support, these students can begin to see that they are perfectly made and perfectly capable. A Kid Like Me celebrates children who have undergone this journey, who are stronger for it, and who are just as capable of realizing their dreams as any other child. We invite you to take part in the celebration of these children, and support their growth towards achieving their full potential.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to cancel several of our major annual fundraisers. These are often our only opportunities to raise money for our mission. Will you chip in today and help us raise $15,000? This will help support us through the year and allow us to help even more children. Please share this campaign with everyone you know!  

Posted by Richard Jones