How to Get Started

You can host a cocktail event either in your home or at a restaurant/bar with the goal of spreading awareness and sharing the stories about Experience Camps that draw people in with meaningful connection. This is as simple as gathering a group of friends / acquaintances, throwing a party, and sharing the ways they can get involved and make a difference.

To host your own awareness or cultivation event:

  1. Once you confirm the date, contact Sara Deren so we can help you walk through the process and secure an ExCamps rep or camper to speak at your event.
  2. Invite your friends and acquaintances to the location of your choice. In-home events provide an intimate way for people to feel truly connected to the cause and especially to your reasons for being involved. People often will support the person as much as the cause they're passionate about.
  3. If you’re hosting at a restaurant or a bar, try asking the venue to donate tips or a portion of their revenue from the night.
  4. These events often do well in the 6:oo pm timeframe with a length of 1.5-2 hours. That way people can go to dinner afterwards or make other plans. 
  5. At the event, plan to have wine and light hors d'ouevres, or as much food and beverage as you want to provide!
  6. About an hour into the event, begin the program:
    1. Host introduces the cause and their reason for feeling compelled to host an event to support it.
    2. Show the video (test this a few times before you show it. It's better to download onto a laptop connected to a TV than play it from the internet.)
    3. Have a camper or caregiver speak about their experience at camp, if possible.
    4. ExCamps rep (board member or ED) wraps it up, with a "light ask", giving people the opportunity to support if they want or getting involved in other ways.
  7. ExCamps will provide materials: donation envelopes, fliers/handouts
  8. After the event, send a note to all of the guests who attended and who couldn't attend with a recap and include the link to our website to learn more, make a donation, or get involved.

Pre + Post Event

You can use a similar template as is shown on the DIY Dinner Fundraiser page to invite guests to attend the event. Following the event, always remind people of this link where they can donate funds.

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Cocktail Parties