Coach Meyer's Fundraiser to Fight Human Trafficking

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Coach Meyer's Fundraising Dinner to Fight Human Trafficking

Join Coach Urban Meyer, Shelley Meyer, Tim Tebow and Demi Tebow for a fundraising dinner to fight Human Trafficking. They will also be joined by Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts as a special guest.

We are in a serious and intense battle against Human Trafficking as we work to rescue victims. This battle is not a sprint, but a marathon... and it is very expensive. It is also worth it, they are worth it! We are holding a fundraising dinner on September 23 in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. It will be unique, special and attendance must be limited. With aggressive fundraising goals in mind and to rescue as many lives as possible we are asking for a $2,500 donation per person. We are stretching and fighting to go faster, farther and to get to as many girls and boys as we can.  If you would like to join us on September 23, and in this fight, please RSVP here. You will then receive a follow-up email to finalize your $2,500 donation per person. Thank you for joining this fight!

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Wednesday September 23rd
Columbus, OH, USA
Columbus, OH, USA


I've had the blessing and opportunity to go to battle with Timmy so many times, but no battle is more important than this one - the fight against Human Trafficking. As a board member of his foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation, I've been a first-hand witness of the impact that the ministry is making across the globe. From Night to Shine, to Adoption Aid for children with special needs, W15H experiences, it has been one of the biggest blessings of my life to experience the life-changing impact and serve alongside the TTF team. Recently however, Timmy, the board and the team at TTF have felt a particular call to expand an area of their ministry that had previously been operating privately - the fight against Human Trafficking.  As we discussed the great need to prevent Human Trafficking, rescue those victmized, and help survivors recover, my heart was impacted greatly. I knew I needed to get in this fight in a much deeper and profound way. This is one of the greatest battles of our lifetime, and a fight that needs all of us...I am inviting you to join this fight with Timmy and me. Will you say Not On Our Watch? Will you say no longer will we let boys, girls, men and women be trafficked for someone's personal gain? Thank you for your support.

To start this fundraising campaign, I am committing to matching the first $30,000 of donations.

God bless,

Urban Meyer

Posted by Tim Tebow Foundation, Inc.