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#PehlaQadam aka "First Step" 

Get back on your feet son. Balance both feet and Stand tall, use them both……... 


As I took my son skiing and like many fathers and mother who have taught their children to ride a bike, run or ski, sometimes we forget the most simple yet most valuable things our kids get to learn from us and it is such a miracle of life; yet it happens with minimal effort on our part. 

"To be able to take their First Step ❤️❤️"

But sadly for hundred of kids born each year in Pakistan and around the world that “first step” may never materialize. This is due to a highly debilitating congenital problem (YET extremely easy to treat if corrected early) Called “Club Foot”. 

I learned more about this from my dear friends Amer Haider and his lovely wife Munira who were personally challenged with this problem as parents and then they and their families took upon themselves to help other families in need. 

They along with doctors Lubna Samad and Dr Mansoor Khan from Indus Hospital gave birth to an amazing organization called “Pehla Qadam” ( aka “First Step”. Since its inception in 2011 over 1700 children have benefited from their intervention in Pakistan. In 2018 alone they helped 150 kids with club foot.

During my trip to Karachi I made a point to visit Indus Hospital and meet this amazing team that is doing this amazing work. 

Now comes the fun part. As you guys know that every year I call upon a few of my crazy climbing buddies and we go try climbing +20,000ft mountains around the world. 

Climbing is a very interesting sport. “Every Step counts”. No matter you are climbing K-2 or Everest or the Grand Teton, every step matters. For 2019 we have decided to partner with “Pehla Qadam” and JRM Foundation. Our #Climb4Humanity expedition  team will raise funds to support 100 kids ($21,247) to get  Ponseti procedure done for correction of Club Foot. It takes only $250 to change the life of one child. With a simple procedure, he or she can go from being disabled for life to be able to run, bike, do gymnastics or climb a mountain if they chose. 

Our goal will be to raise $1 for every vertical feet we achieve to the summit of Mera Peak at 21,247 ft. (To make it 25,000) I will come back home and hike up Pebble twice to make up for the difference ?

So please learn more about this amazing organization and stay tuned as we train for the summit of Mera Peak in 2019 to help 100 kids with Club Foot. 

This will be a great motivation for us as we know that every step we take towards the summit will help one more child take their #FirstStep ?????

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