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Measles is one of the most infectious diseases ever known to mankind. 90 percent of unvaccinated people around an infected person will also get measles. Children die at the highest rate.

One dollar can vaccinate a child from measles. Five dollars can vaccinate a family, and ten dollars can vaccinate a whole classroom. A donation of 500 dollars can vaccinate an entire village of people from measles.  

Donation Instructions

In the "Select a Team" drop down box, select General Donations.

Donation Amount: Select the amount you want to donate.

Write in the name that you want displayed on the website in the donation scroll box. Click "Don't show my name" to remain anonymous.

Comment EXACTLY THIS in the comment box. Copy and Paste this: Measles Initiative – AP2947 

For the Red Cross Cause box, select "Wherever it is needed most."

Choose the group you belong to. This is optional.

The employer tab is optional.

It is important that you enter "Measles Initiative – AP2947" in the comment box or else the money WILL NOT go towards vaccinations. Perhaps you should copy and paste it for later.

Articles and Links

Here are some links to articles about a recent measles outbreak in the United States.


fox news

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