Children Uprooted

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Nearly 350 million refugees and migrants worldwide - many of whom are children - are forced to leave their homes to escape war, persecution, and poverty in their country of origin. The challenges refugees and migrants face on their journeys and at their destinations are countless, often resulting in a lack of proper education and healthcare. Refugees and migrants face constant danger, discrimination, exploitation, and exclusion from the rest of the world, living their lives neglected and alone. No human, let alone a child, should have to endure the psychological, physical, and social effects of the reality of displaced people. 

 Displacement keeps some of the most vulnerable children from getting the vaccines needed to protect them from fatal diseases. If all children were fully immunized, over 1.5 million lives could be saved. Donations to this campaign will go towards disease testing kits and immunizations for displaced children. Just $10 can provide lifesaving vaccinations for 54 children. 

This campaign was created not only to raise money for displaced children but also to raise awareness of their detrimental situations. For the next 3 months, UNICEF at MSU will be working to bring awareness on different refugee and migrant crises happening around the world. Be sure to stay updated through our website!

Posted by Cyndal Hussein