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  Aug 01 2018

Imagine if you could help a young person living on the streets, become a working, contributing member of their community in 1 year?

How Can You Help?

An anonymous Canadian Humanitarian donor is going to match all contributions up to $25,000,  made to the SSCM Vocational Training Program.

This will help SSCM train 70 students this year!


The generous donor who is matching $25,000 of donations is SO DETERMINED to max out their donation that they've given two more weeks for us to get the full amount!

You Can Help!

Make a donation. 
Invite your friends to do the same.
It's that simple.

Canadian Humanitarian provides basic operational funds to support SSCM (Support Street Children and Mothers), a registered Ethiopian Charity and vocational training school. Together, they work to help young adults learn a trade in hairdressing, woodworking, or metalwork, and seek employment.

A youth facing a working future of begging, or unreliable day labor, can be given the chance to become a skilled worker, with the chance to earn a steady income, in just one year.

That’s a dramatic change for each young person enrolled in this program.

You Can Help!

With a donation of $358, matched by our generous donor, one student can complete a full year of vocational training!

Please spread the news about this dollar-matching campaign. The more people who take the opportunity to contribute to Canadian Humanitarian through this generous offer, the more students we will be able to help take advantage of SSCM's life-changing vocational training.

Make a one year investment into a person's life and see the great dividends this program can bring!  

But hurry! The opportunity to double your donation ends October 15th!

Posted by Canadian Humanitarian Organization For International Relief