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CEOs of Tomorrow’s These Teens Mean Business” program for young entrepreneurs is launching its very first Global Excursion Program. Learn more about this exciting program here.

Our first excursion is to Gaborone, Botswana in Africa, where we will partner with a impoverished and orphaned teens from a local school and community agency to develop and launch small businesses that raise revenue AND address a common global social issue. 

This once-in-a-lifetime program offers a team of our talented and passionate teen entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn, grow and give back in ways they never thought possible—immersing them in a rich and real cultural experience and empowering them to be active global citizens through teaching and social entrepreneurship.

About Our Partners in Botswana, Africa:

Bokamoso Junior Secondary School: With a mission to promote accessible and equitable education, Bokomoso Junior Secondary School educates 13- to 17-year-old students, most of whom are under-performing academically and living in impoverished communities. 

Stepping Stone International: Running an innovative after school and community outreach programs, Stepping Stone International serves orphaned and vulnerable adolescents. 

Why are donations necessary? CEOs of Tomorrow has received a generous grant to cover half the total travel costs for participating students. We are asking our teens, their families and supporters like you to assist them in covering the remaining half of the $3,000/person trip cost, or $1,500. Students will be working hard to earn their own money to pay for the trip, but we want to ensure that none of our deserving students miss  this opportunity of a lifetime due to a lack of funds. 

How are my donations used? Your donations directly benefit our students by helping them cover the cost of airfare, passports, traveler’s insurance, lodging and meals, business supplies, tours, and in-country transportation. All donations are tax deductible.

Our Travel Plans: We will depart on August 10, 2019 and return on August 19.

About CEOs of Tomorrow: CEOs of Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization, offers engaging and hands-on social entrepreneurship education workshops and courses for young innovators and problem solvers who are inspired to shape and influence their world. The workshops are also designed to strengthen critical thinking, leadership skills, self-responsibility, confidence, and problem-solving skills—all traits that can transfer to success both in school and beyond.

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