Dewey Cat Fundraiser for CCAS

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Dewey Cat Fundraiser for CCAS

CCAS has been gifted an art sculpture from the Mary Gates Dewey Collection. These gorgeous creatures are lovingly referred to as 'Dewey Cats' by collectors. 

No two Dewey Cats are the same thanks to a creative process that involves bisque firing in a kiln followed by pit-firing in hardwood sawdust. 

Cat #003 is a gorgeous 3D kitty that is 9.5 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 4 inches thick. He is waiting patiently for his forever home while hanging out in a safe place at CCAS. Cat #003 is in pristine condition - no scratches, bruises or scars.

Register to get your ticket for the drawing to be held October 11. Each ticket you buy increases your chances of adding this beautiful guy to your collection and helps pay for annual medical care for the special kitties at CCAS.

See the video for images of Cat #003 - he really needs a family and name.

Click register to get your tickets for the drawing or click join to become a fundraiser for this event. 

If you prefer, you may use to obtain tickets. Include your name and email address, as well as the number of tickets you would like.  

Thank you for your contribution and generosity.

Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization #36-4856267

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Wednesday October 2nd
4 PM
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Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary is the last hope for many cats with medical conditions that render them unadoptable. The cats at CCAS have manageable or treatable conditions and a good quality of life. Some even become adoptable after a period of stabilization and/or rehab. Others will live at the sanctuary for life.  

Merlin was born with no paws and deemed unfit by his owner when he was just a small kitten. This precious life was taken to a shelter that might have resulted in instant death, but Merlin’s sweet temperament and playful personality prompted the shelter to reach out to LuAnn at CCAS to give him the loving and fulfilling life he deserves.

Zeus was rescued from the raging waters of Hurricane Harvey that hit Houston in 2017. A rescue placed him in a temporary foster home, but neither his owner nor an adopter came forward to claim or adopt this playful little guy. The rescue called CCAS in hopes he would find his forever home.

Mitt’s deep blue eyes reveal his depth of sadness and despair that resulted from clinging to life in a Texas cat colony. A compassionate soul realized Mitt’s tail was broken and found a rescue willing to cover his surgical expenses. Now handicapped with a spinal cord injury, Mitt was shipped to CCAS.

Indulge me with one more story that I hope will tug at your heart. Gypsy was living in the streets and found herself ensnared in the jowls of a vicious dog, probably a stray himself and trying to survive. The gorgeous green-eyed cat barely survived. Her broken pelvis was mended and the collar that was found embedded into her skin, perhaps placed by someone that once loved her, was removed. Yes, Gypsy is in line to come to CCAS as soon as space is available.

These and other special cats at CCAS give back more love than we could ever give to them. Thankfully these precious lives that once hung in the balance now have forever homes at the small sanctuary in Bailey, Colorado. 

Forever is a long time for most of the cats at CCAS, as they are generally healthy other than their specific disability. Like other cats, they run, jump and play - and nap a lot. Well, the two with missing paws don't jump but they do most everything else.

Keeping the cats healthy is costly. Nutrition and quality vet care are essential to their wellbeing. Like most animal rescue organizations, CCAS relies on charitable contributions to help pay for their care.

This fundraiser is to help cover the costs of their annual vet exams, vaccinations and dental treatment. The vet that cares for them graciously provides exams at no cost, but the bill is still over $2000 for this crew.

Your contribution helps defray those costs and keep kitties like Merlin, Zeus, Mitt and Gypsy healthy and happy...thank you for your kindness.

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