C.A.T. Walk & Fun Run 2019


  Jul 04 2019 . Hillsboro, OR, USA

Join us in the fight to eliminate barriers to cancer care. Because everyone deserves access to high quality and compassionate care!

EVENT DATE: Thursday, Jul 04, 2019  

WHERE: Downtown Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza.

You can help eliminate barriers to cancer care!   

Everyone deserves access to high quality care, but there are many barriers people face when receiving treatment. With treatments lasting an average of five weeks, for some the added cost and stress of travel can mean missing appointments, preventing patients from successfully completing their care. For local patients, finding a reliable ride to and from appointments can be challenging without a support network of friends and family.   

This year, funds raised from the C.A.T. Walk & Fun Run will help provide travel and accommodation assistance for patients receiving treatment at OHSU Tuality Healthcare, as well as support capital improvements and state-of-the art equipment investments in Tuality’s cancer care facilities.      

Here are some quick tips to get your fundraising started.

Join us in the fight to eliminate barriers to cancer care, and start fundraising today!

1.) Start Now: The earlier you begin fundraising the more you will raise!

2.) Make your first donation: kick start your fundraising by making a gift to your page. This will get the momentum going.

3.) Share, share, share: Make sure to share your page with friends and family regularly. You can share your page on social media, email and text is also a great way to encourage people to give.

4.) Just ask: You will be surprised at how many people are willing to help!

Posted by Tuality Healthcare Foundation