CAT Apostles Rendezvous

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CAT's going to the Apostle Islands! In 2013, two young men were part of the group of young Chicago paddlers who went to the Great Lakes Sea Kayak symposium with us. Getting on the van to head back to Chicago, they told us they wanted to "learn everything we can about this sport." So we started coaching them. We asked for, and got, an invitation to paddle on the San Francisco Bay with world class coaches. They received an invitation to go on an expedition in the San Juan Islands. A few other young people joined us on that trip - and became the driving force behind the creation of our CAT Paddling Community. CAT PC youth have symposia around the country as students and as coaches; they've earned paddling and coaching awards; they've paddled in 8 different states, and taught in 4. CAT PC paddled in the Apostle Islands for a day in 2015 on the way to another event. They had a 5 day paddling trip there in 2016. Both of those trips were amazing moments in CAT PC. So we're going back. We're taking CAT PC paddlers, and a group of CAT friends and volunteers. We've invited several regional coaches, as well as CAT PC coaches and our guest coach John Carmody. This year, it's invitation only; if it goes well, we hope to make it an annual event open to the public. Guests are encouraged to make a suggested donation of $100 - or to create their own fundraiser to help cover the costs for our young people who can't afford to attend events like this. We hope you'll consider helping out too.  

Thank you so much!