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Carole Alexis Company/Ballet des Ameriques

Art is meant to captivate; to elicit an emotional response, and enlighten—conjuring new insights within one’s head. Indubitably, Carole Alexis’s ascending company, Ballet des Amériques, exists as an embodiment of those standards, as audience members often report being moved to tears, chills running down their spine, riveted, and experiencing a potpourri of visceral and intellectual reactions. Thus, the company—now entering its tenth anniversary—leaves a clear imprint on all its viewers. And, the messages within Alexis’s work—conveyed through the dancers’ outstretched, precise limbs, palpable passion, and unveiled souls—relate to hope, peace, diversity: the best facets of humanity. The company, a diverse, unified corps of dancers, hailing from all over the country and globe, aptly reflect these ideals. Your munificent patronage will serve to propel, buoy, and accomplish these objectives.

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Carole Alexis Company/Ballet des Amériques Fundraiser

Due to the deeply painful cancellation of Ballet des Amériques' full-company performance season, the indefinite cancellation of all large company events, and ongoing months of severe financial ramifications on the arts from the COVID-19 crisis, this fundraiser has been created on behalf of awarded choreographer and director Carole Alexis and her acclaimed company, Ballet des Amériques—“Ballet of the Americas”—to give loyal fans, lovers of the arts, and other generous individuals a way to contribute to our nonprofit organization as we persevere through this challenging time. Your generous contributions will not only help support operating costs, such as studio rent and salaries, but it will allow Carole Alexis and Ballet des Amériques to continue presenting profound world-class dance locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; educating future great dancers and leaders for humanity and the arts; training young dancers to the join the world’s foremost dance companies; developing inclusive cultural communities through dance; expanding the language of dance into the greater community; and propelling this venerable art form toward its greatest purpose in the 21st Century. We greatly look forward to sharing public performances and events with you again as soon as safely possible, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind and generous contributions.


Carole Alexis: An Invincible Global Artist Sharing Hope for Humanity

Battling the COVID-19 pandemic and immense consequent economic, social, political, and cultural challenges, we—as a nation and world—are living in an unprecedented time in history—a time in which powerful ambassadors of hope, courage, solidarity, and peace are needed more than ever. Truly great artists play a pivotal role at such crucial times: uplifting spirits, reminding us of our common humanity, and building indispensable bridges toward healing and unifying a seemingly fractured society. Carole Alexis, internationally-recognized choreographer and artistic director of the surging professional dance company Ballet des Amériques is standing at the vanguard of her field of dance—a groundbreaking female pioneer of mixed ethnic background shattering societal stereotypes and prejudices, she is the embodiment of such an artist. Having lived in Martinique, Brittany, West Africa, Paris, and the United States and exemplifying the principles of unity, diversity, and inclusion in her own personality and heritage, Alexis commands a unique, multi-faceted choreographic voice—a kind of luminous poetry written in movement and filled with an indelible humanistic vision that transcends the barriers of human differences. Inspired in part by the teachings of the three founders of the Negritude movement, Aimé Césaire, Léopold Sédar Senghor, and Léon-Gontran Damas, Alexis embraces dance as a universal language that can inspire hope, freedom, mutual recognition, and reconciliation. Drawing inspiration from various social political contexts as well as music, nature, history, and human interaction, Alexis takes us from the landscapes of the Caribbean—to the plains of Africa and the skyscrapers of New York City; from satirical reflections on modern-day society—to refugee ships, swaying sugarcane fields, and brilliant flowers of spiritual resilience; from a glimpse into the profundity of a shared communal meal—to militaristic culture encountering humanity’s hope-filled calls for love and peace... Alexis believes that art involves reflection on social change and—as a kind of universal consciousness—reminds us of the infinite potential and boundless possibilities of humankind.


Carole Alexis Company: A Rising International Force

Carole Alexis and her professional company have presented more  than 100 successful public performances at venues such as the United Nations Headquarters, Florence Gould Hall, the historic Tarrytown Music Hall, Festival de Fort-de-France in Martinique, and the Emelin Theatre in New York. They have garnered continuous press and television coverage, appeared on the front cover of international publications, and received numerous awards including official government proclamations honoring Ballet des Amériques as the “Best Ballet Company” and “Westchester’s Premier Dance Company.” Representing a marriage of North and South America via the Caribbean, Africa and Europe, Ballet des Amériques’ global orientation transcends the frontiers of human cultures through mutual exchange, enrichment and the creation of new perspectives. In February 2020, shortly before the onset of the pandemic, Alexis and her company embarked on an international tour to Martinique where thousands of people within a packed, sold-out theater, Tropiques Atrium Scène Nationale, showered Alexis and her company with fervent standing ovations and impassioned cries of appreciation.


Dual Mission: Unparalleled Dance Education and World-Class Performance

Established in 2011 in Westchester, New York, Ballet des Amériques / Carole Alexis Company – the “Ballet of the Americas”– operates both a professional dance company and a pre-professional ballet conservatory with the dual mission of developing and attracting audiences locally, regionally, nationally and internationally with world-class dance performances featuring original choreographies by awarded director Carole Alexis and of training and educating students to the level of professional dancers who are able, upon graduation, to pursue dance careers with the world’s greatest companies. The artistic and educational concept of Ballet des Amériques is to develop the tradition of classical dance for the world of the 21st century - for a globalized world of interacting cultures - with the specific aim of developing inclusive cultural communities. To this end, Ballet des Amériques tours schools, libraries and community centers with its “Ballet is Not Pink” campaign of performances and presentations and invites the public to its annual season of performances in various theaters. Directed by Carole Alexis, both Ballet des Amériques’ professional company and pre-professional conservatory have received positive recognition on national and international levels: Conservatory students are regularly accepted to prestigious summer programs at Paris Opera Ballet, Royal Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and Juilliard, and students have won numerous ballet competitions and accepted highly-coveted professional contracts with Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ballet West and the English National Ballet, among others; the professional company—pushing the boundaries of meaningful world-class dance—continues to expand its reach, touring internationally and performing to increasingly sold-out audiences.


The Heart of Diversity, Unity, and Inclusion 

Prompted by the death of George Floyd, the past few months saw the emergence of a national—and indeed international—dialogue about race. Ballet des Amériques has always been committed—since its inception—to embracing and cultivating diversity. With a Creole founder and director and a multi-ethnic faculty, company and student body, Ballet des Amériques always championed inclusiveness and unity in celebration of our various cultural heritages and contributions, even when such positions provoked antagonism, discrimination and communal penalties. Ballet des Amériques regularly accepts professional dancers and students from a myriad of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and our professional company’s repertory, choreographed by Carole Alexis, merges elements and styles from a plurality of cultures throughout the world.

Thank You and a Gift of Appreciation

We thank you for your kind and generous contributions that help ensure a brilliant future for Ballet des Amériques / Carole Alexis Company. As a token of our appreciation, please enjoy this short film, set to the powerful music of Manuel Césaire, from Carole Alexis and Ballet des Amériques: “De Profundis,” (“From the Depths”). Reflecting Alexis’ unique, indelible voice and vision tapping into universal experiences and the depths of humanity, this innately spiritual film transcends the superficial—pulling from religious imagery and allusions and calling forth hope, strength, love, and solidarity amidst international tragedy. It incorporates the improvisation of Ballet des Amériques students and company dancers filmed during the onset of the pandemic.

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Ballet des Amériques is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your generous contribution will help us fulfill our mission through our performance, training and outreach programs.

Ballet des Amériques is a member of the International Dance Council  -  Conseil International de la Danse – UNESCO

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