Carrera Caring Hearts Virtual 10K

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Carrera Caring Hearts Virtual 10K

A virtual race is one that can be run (or walked!) from any location you choose. You can complete your own race, at your own pace, and do so knowing that you will be joined by friends all over North America and beyond! We are grateful for the support of people who live in many different states and countries, and a virtual race is our way of bringing everyone together to support the mission and vision of Caring Hearts and the people in San Luis.

*Everyone who registers receives a custom Carrera Caring Hearts finishers medal

*Anyone who raises an additional $100 or more as a part of our fundraising team will be among the FIRST to receive our NEW Caring Hearts t-shirt!

*Be sure to share your pictures using #carreracaringhearts, and let us know where you're running!

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Saturday June 27th

Our Story

In Mexico, the average annual income is $10,000, and 44.2% of people are living in poverty. The people of San Luis, Mexico suffer from food insecurity, a lack of access to clean water, limited electricity, poor housing structures, and insufficient medical care, education, and overall support.

 Caring Hearts responds through locally-run ministries that address all aspects of poverty and overall physical and spiritual wellbeing. Our mission is to deliver hope and empower the community of San Luis, Mexico. Through a boys and girls shelter, clean water, aid for the sick, soup kitchen, center for the blind, rehab center and more, we chase Christ’s example of extending our hearts to those in dire need.

Posted by Kristen Knouff