Campout to Stampout Homelessness

Every $1,000 keeps a family home!

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Campout to Stampout Homelessness


Thousands of families are at risk of losing their homes due to COVID-19.


We are a collobarative of Connecticut residents who have teamed up with The Connecticut Coaliton to End Homelessness to bring awareness and a call to action amid a global pandemic.


Is to support at least 20 families during these unforeseen times by raising funds and providing monetary assistance. As well as to shed light on a growing concern in Connecticut; homelessness.


On September 12, 2020 @ 4:00PM-10:00PM we'll host a virtual live stream event that you can take part in, from the comfort of your home. The event will include a digital booklet with recipes and camp activities, DIY art, story time, sound healing, a raffle and more! 


Be a host and spread the word, while practicing social distancing guidelines of course! Tell your neighbors, family & friends invite them over to take part in festivities and contribute.

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Saturday September 12th
4-10 PM

Camp Out at Your Home so People Can Stay in Theirs

At the beginning of the COVID crisis, we had a simple directive: stay safe, stay home. The challenge for thousands of people in Connecticut though, was how can you stay home when you don’t have a home to begin with?

With this in mind, the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, in partnership with our coalition of providers and state government agencies took immediate action to move people from congregate shelter settings to temporary hotel space to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep shelter staff and clients safe. This action prevented the type of outbreaks that many states saw in their shelter systems and more broadly across the homeless population.

With the eviction moratorium looming and skyrocketing unemployment rates, the need for permanent housing is now more urgent than ever.

A massive effort is underway to house over 1,000 people from temporary hotel space and shelter, and data shows an estimated additional 1,000 people seeking shelter from this point last year.

The CCEH COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund will provide one-time emergency assistance for individuals and families who are facing homelessness. In short, these funds will keep people from an unsafe and traumatic shelter stay, and keep them where they belong: in their homes.

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