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  Oct 12 2019 . High Peaks Wilderness, Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

We are always striving to improve. How can we make our carbon footprint smaller? How can we be more inclusive of an increasingly diverse community? How can we make sure we are welcoming and hospitable to everyone? How can we invite more people to care for each other and this world?

This year, we have big plans to improve in a big way: we're building new shower houses. We know, it doesn't sound very important or flashy or exciting, but hear us out: showers are something the large majority of use use every day. Showering can easily become a mindless habit. However, because they are something that we use so often, we believe that they are a powerful indicator of what is important to us.

 This new Shower House Project reveals a lot about what Camp Fowler stands for:

 -We stand for Environmental Justice: these new buildings will be environmentally sensitive, utilizing sustainable systems and tools like solar panels, natural lighting, and timers to help us minimize our water and electricity consumption.

-We stand for Hospitality and Inclusion: the building design was developed to be inclusive and affirming of the needs of everyone in our community, both now and in the future.

-We stand for Experiential Learning: The buildings themselves will be a teaching tool to help campers engage with water consumption. Campers will be able to visualize the amount of water they are using every time they shower, transforming a mindless habit into a daily reminder of the sacredness of our Earth.

 -We stand for Simplicity: The Shower Houses will be an aesthetic asset to the space around them, blending in nicely with the trees that will always take the front seat. The materials will be sustainably sourced and local businesses and volunteer labor will be used wherever possible.

This is not just a renovation project. It's a commitment to hospitality and justice, for our community and our world.

Will you Join us?




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