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BASICS INTERNATIONAL is  a global community based intervention program, promoting literacy, economic empowerment, health, wellness and social inclusion. Providing BASIC tools for self sustainability

Since the year 2000, BASICS International has impacted over 300,000 through community outreach, provided 2190 educational sponsorship’s, of which 1200 was provided to the girl child.  We have provided shelter to over 27 at risk  girls, provided scholarships to over 100 high school students, and made it possible for 5 ( and counting) university graduates.  We have opened our doors to over 1000 volunteers, that represent 21 countries, and provided two fully funded Fellowships to U.S.A University grads.  

We provide economic development, freedom  through our  social enterprise; #IAM HEDZOLE ( freedom) to women and families. Out of school ( high school graduates or drop outs) are giving skills in sewing, quilting, screen printing and business managment .  Particpants earn income to be self sufficient through items they produce. 

We reinvest proceeds from #IAM HEDZOLE  into the organization to support other initiatives; Break the Cycle and BACK 2 SCHOOL.

With 20 years of success behind us, we are looking forward, and creating additional ways to empower our youth. 

CAMP PROMISE  a fresh-air sleep-away camp situated on 8 acres of land that opens up a new world for urban youth.   During long school breaks and holidays, it will become their home away from home.

CAMP PROMISE is an eco-friendly serene, refreshing and welcoming environment for 150 children at a time to have an experience of a lifetime --   away  from their overcrowded home community which fails to offer sufficient  recreational and learning opportunities. 

CAMP PROMISE will be Accra's only true sleep-away camp and will expose children to nature, wholesome activiteis, new skills and opportunities .

CAMP PROMISE  will empower youth to develop their individual potential.  

Children will come together to create memories that will last a lifetime.   Every holiday at CAMP PROMISE is filled with fun, friendships, learning and excitement. Our campers  develop and improve skills through high-level instruction, and will be encouraged to try new things while learning about others and themselves. Campers will enjoy every moment of vacation camp while they grow in confidence, leadership and self-esteem in a secure, community environment. 

Camp Promise is in need of your help to ensure we complete construction, implementation and OPEN our grounds for the children by 2021.   (Our original date was August 2020, however due to Covid 19, our major fundraiser was cancelled;)  which halted the process.   Although, CAMP PROMISE is not ready yet, we would like to give our children an experience of leaving the city during these current times of Covid 19.   The pandemic has schools shut down and students are being restricted, deprived, and tempted to engage in activities that will hinder their progress.  

Consider sponsoring a student to attend a weeklong- camping project; ( at an adjacent site while our camp site is completed.)  Students will also visit our camp site and participate in gardening projects, and other outdoor activities. 

Be a part of the PROMISE .. make a generous donation today. Have a hall/dorm/play area named in honor of  you or a love one. Sponsor a student to attend camp- this July/ August 2020 for $500.00 /per child (Lodging, food, excursions).  Our goal is to raise $35,000 to take 70 children. 

Our bigger GOAL is to raise $500,000 towards the construction of Camp Promise. Our goal is to complete the camp, and OPEN the doors by 2021.  So far we have raised 50k  and working off line as well to 

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