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  Aug 04 2020 . Escondido, CA, USA

 The CAHS Cheer Team is enthusiastic to begin, perhaps, the most unique year of their high school career. A bright force in creating a welcoming and united school culture, the CAHS Cheer squads will be particularly instrumental in maintaining a sense of normalcy in the high school experience for their peers when school begins on August 20th. As charter schools in California, in particular, note increased enrollment without increased funding, schools have had to reallocate funds to accommodate an expanded student body. CAHS is no exception, and despite these financial hurdles, Caiman Cheer is committed to continuing the tradition of rallying their fellow Caimans.  

Leading school spirit for Classical Academy High School students on both the Studio and Personalized Learning campuses in Escondido, CA, Caiman cheerleaders are exceptional in facilitating a cohesive student body experience for all CAHS students. Due to our location on a non-conventional high school campus, a “typical” year requires an extreme level of commitment from our cheerleaders and their families. All of our games – home and away – are played offsite. We do NOT have school-provided transportation, school funded uniforms, or a dedicated practice facility. We DO have passionate cheerleaders, dedicated families and coaches that empower their cheer squads to work hard, set goals and realize success. This year, the commitment of time and financial resources will be even greater.  

For the 2020-2021 academic year, CAHS Cheer is proud to have expanded our team to include 20 JV and 13 Varsity squad members. In keeping with Caiman Cheer tradition, while thinking outside of the box in the current climate of a global pandemic, our coaches are diligently working to reimagine our annual cheer camp, provide funding for much needed practice equipment, and secure resources to purchase any required personal protective gear, etc., in this constantly changing landscape of high school athletics. 

We need your help! Please donate to the CAHS Cheer Team fund. All funds raised will help support Caiman cheerleaders to attend cheer camp, purchase uniforms, update practice equipment and comply with any government regulations as they reveal themselves throughout the year. 

Thank you for your generosity! 


VARISTY CHEER SQUAD     Hudsyn Goe       Zayra Rojero     Annelise Graves       Samantha Friedrich     Hope Schaefer       Ella Granger     Alexis Macias       Sydney Unwin     Daphlie Hawkins       Haley Rogers     Hannah Peters       Melody Reyes     Mikayla Reed                           

JR VARSITY CHEER SQUAD     Cassidy Vetlesen       Kylie Friedrich     Sophie Kascoutas       Sofia Plate     Taylor Essa       Sri Podratz     Haley Kellar       Amelia Riojas     Kylee Torp       Kate Mosteller     Joran Tieger       Norah Seyour     Natalie Salgado       Connie Cavaliere     Julia Patterson       Jamie Todd     Emma Doye       Meredith Weissberg     Guadalupe Aguirre       Shaylen Tunnell     

Posted by Kami Goe