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  Jul 01 2019 . Wimbledon, London, UK

Buzzsurvey is serving up aces in the fight to end hunger. Join us in a making a donation, big or small -- together we can make a difference! Our goal is $1,000 GBP.

One-third of all food produced for human consumption is being wasted, whilst 1 in 9 people (821 million) go hungry. 

About Move For Hunger

When people move, they throw away a lot of "stuff." Unfortunately, some of this "stuff" is perfectly good food that could be donated to a family in need rather than be thrown away. Move For Hunger works to rescue the unopened, non-perishable food during the moving process and deliver it to local food banks. Move For Hunger also organizes hundreds of food drives across North America each year to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fight hunger. To date, Move For Hunger is working with over 1,000 relocation companies in 50 states and Canada. Our network has been able to help provide food for nearly 12.5 million people. Your support will directly impact the number of people we are able to feed in the years ahead. 96% of every donation goes directly towards our hunger relief and food waste reduction programs. 

Other steps you can take to fight hunger: 

- Share this fundraising page!
-Talk to your children and loved ones about global hunger and food waste and the importance of giving back.
- Organize a food drive in your community.

Make a donation today and help us fight hunger and food waste!