Buljan Park Roseville Playground Expansion

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Pancake Breakfast with Santa for Buljan Park Playground Expansion

RCONA/ Highland Reserve Friends and Neighbors,

We have some great news for you regarding upgrades to the kids’ playground at Buljan Park. A core group of us have been working on a plan to add improved features to the play structure to make it far more fun and useful for families in our neighborhood.

As many of you know, the former equipment deteriorated and became unsafe. Due to budget constraints, it was replaced with a structure that accommodated fewer children and activities and the usage fell dramatically. But now we are gaining momentum with a collaborative, solutions-based approach that will restore the popularity of the playground.

This is a terrific example of a community-led public-private partnership. The total cost of the upgrade is $57,000.  Even in these challenging economic times, the City of Roseville has held $37,000 in reserve for this project. We can thank our Council Member Bruce Houdescheldt and the City’s Director of Parks, Recreation and Libraries Jill Geller for their leadership.

The project will require a general contractor. John Stump is the president of Flint Builders, a major regional commercial construction firm based in Roseville. John has agreed to provide help on the project, including the bonds and insurance necessary, at cost. Construction professionals from our neighborhood will provide labor.

A number of engineers, construction professionals, and consultants on our neighborhood team already have volunteered their time and efforts to get us to the point where we are over 60% of the way to funding the project.  Now, it’s up to us to raise the balance of the funds necessary to complete the project, estimated at $20,000. 

Here are ways local businesses and neighbors in which can make tax deductible donations to help.

· Donate directly to Highland Reserve Neighborhood Association/RCONA, Tax ID # 91-1827145.

· Purchase tickets to our Pancake Breakfast with Santa fundraiser, scheduled as a drive-through event from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020 at Vencil Brown School’s parking lot.

· Donate supplies or equipment for the Pancakes with Santa fundraiser.

· If you represent or own a business making a donation, we’ll publicize your generosity and encourage members of Friends of Buljan Park and the Highland Reserve Neighborhood Association to patronize you.

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