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  Nov 25 2020 . Eugene, OR, USA

For so many of us, 2020 was a year to re-adjust, take stock, and develop new ways of connecting. Here at ToolBox Project we connect with our members by sharing tools with you then getting to hear about how the project went. We hang out on the patio and trouble-shoot problems or inspire each other with successes. We hear about your new garden, your upcycled table, your new house and all the work it needs… And through tools, these stories, and this connection, we build community.

2020 changed a lot for ToolBox Project but our mission to get tools out into the community motivated us to modify operations, move the Fix-It Fairs online, and run the tool library with a bare bones team of volunteers. We miss hanging out on the patio and hearing your stories. But we know you are still out there.

ToolBox Project lost crucial revenue this year. The success of our annual campaign will determine which projects we can take on in 2021. Please consider giving to our board-directed annual campaign. Volunteer with us in the new year. And enjoy reading the stories of how each member of our amazing volunteer board of directors got involved and why they stay committed to our mission of sharing tools with the community so we can build and grow together.

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