BSS Walks For Water

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BSS Walks For Water

May 4, 2019 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

There will be food, music and even a special guest speaker from WE Charity  

To register for this event, pay the $10 pledge fee, and your name will be added to the guest list. 

Invite your family, friends and neighbours, everyone is welcome! 

During the event you will participate in a walk with jugs or without it is your choice. There will be different weights in the water jugs that you can carry. This water walk is about 2km long around the Forrest Hill community. 

If you cannot attend this event, even donating just $5 can help a child across the world gain access to the critical education they need to break the cycle of poverty. Donate now to start making an impact and changing kids lives for the better!

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Saturday May 4th
10:00AM to 12:30PM
The Bishop Strachan School, Lonsdale Road, Toronto, ON, Canada
298 Lonsdale Rd, Toronto, ON M4V 1X2, Canada


 Clean water is a basic human right, not a luxury.  Yet more than 840 million people do not have a basic drinking water. Girls are often burdened with the task of collecting water for their families. The long distances these girls have to walk to collect water prevents them from attending school. 

As an all girls school,we have the responsibility to empower girls around the world to get an education so they too can be fearless and become leaders in their community. Getting access to clean water is just the start and involving the BSS community will enable us to better understand how privileged we are to have access to basic human rights.

 BSS Walks for Water is an organized water walk to inspire positive change on global water issues. This water walk will allow participants  to experience the hardships of fellow women across the world through an experience where if capable will carry weighted jugs filled with water. 

Together, as a community, we will walk  along a route through Forest Hill  in solidarity  for the right to have access to clean water and education in Tanzania. 


Our Inspiration

Summer of 2018 Charlotte Pathe and Charlotte Stewart had the opportunity to go on a  ME to WE  service trip to Tanzania. This trip changed our perspective of the world in many ways, and we realized how lucky we are to have such privileged lives. If you haven’t heard of this NGO, WE Charity is an organization that helps people in underdeveloped countries build the foundations to the 5 basic pillars every human needs to break the cycle of poverty; Education, Water, Health, Food and Opportunity. 

We were so moved by the community members, that we came up with the idea of raising $10,000 to put towards the education pillar in Tanzania. More specifically, the money we raise will go directly into building a school for children with limited access to education. We chose the education pillar because we strongly believe that education is the foundation of success and without education you cannot get very far in life. 

To kickstart our fundraiser, Charlotte S., Charlotte P. and Nevis G. decided to join efforts with BSS to create the biggest positive impact possible for not only our community but a small, rural community in Tanzania by plannig a fund-raising event at our school called BSS Walks for Water.

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